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We are the largest production facility in Poland which produces kitchen furniture according to individual orders

Creating kitchens is our passion. A kitchen is a special place in every home, for many people, it is the centre of family life where people spend most of the time, cook together with other household members or friends and spend some good time there. We have known that for more than 60 years. Our goal is to create kitchens in which people would like to spend their time, which shall make the daily chores easier and which shall last in a good condition for many years. 

Our design is modern and elegant. We are the precursor in our country in the field of implementation of new designs and colours. We follow with passion the market trends and cooperate with well-known producers of raw materials which influence the exclusive design of our kitchens. We make innovative colour and design proposals which have not been used so far, so we can stand out from the competition in a better way. Each new design collection is consulted with certified designers. Such actions guarantee that we meet the needs of real kitchen users and we are able to adjust to the market needs. As a result, we have gained the market-leading position.




Empathy is the starting point for the creation of your kitchen. We will try to get in your shoes and see the world from that perspective. Empathy is also emotion – what people feel is of importance to us. We reach the needs that remain unexpressed by the users, and solve their problems. The process of kitchen creation pursued hand-in-hand with the customer guarantees personalisation of the kitchen and promotes individualism.



Have your kitchen taken care of by professionals. Our professionalism is founded on tradition, experience, and know-how. We understand it as responsibility and support provided by a stable brand. We keep all our promises, giving you safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Professionalism means solid quality backed by a 5-year guarantee, with a view to enable you to enjoy your kitchen in a long-term perspective.



Kitchen is a place where life goes on. That is why the functionality of your kitchen is our social responsibility. Functionality is based on ergonomics, it is a guarantee of order, and it is tantamount to the pleasure of use. A functional kitchen saves time that you can now spend with your family. The functionality of your kitchen is what we can guarantee thanks to our innovativeness and the best materials.

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