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Why do Customers choose WFM Kuchnie?

Feel free to learn about the strengths of the WFM Kuchnie brand.
Due to them, WFM Kuchnie has gained so much acclaim from Customers.

The widest production range

The widest production technology range in Europe in one facility and the possibilities resulting form it – a wide and deep assortment and an individual approach to needs (including non-standard items):

  • technology of frame-and-panel front panels
  • technology of veneered front panels
  • technology of lacquered MDF front panels
  • technology of film covered MDF front panels
  • technology of laminated front panels
  • technology of laminated bodies
  • technology of veneered, lacquered and film covered body items
  • technology of HPL/ABS countertops and surrounding panels
  • technology of veneered and lacquered surrounding panels
70 years of WFM

The brand has been in business for over 70 years. It has a tradition and a great experience. Having a branded kitchen is a prestige and quality warranty.

The largest production facility

The largest production facility in Poland, producing kitchen furniture of this type:

  • The total area of the facility amounts to​76,000 sqm
  • The production area amounts to​15,000 sqm - Almost the entire production under one roof
  • Storage area amounts to 8000 sqm
  • The number of employees amounts to 400 people
Stable business partner

Belonging to the group named Szynaka Meble which comprises five production facilities and a logistics centre. The number of employees amounts to 2400 people. As a result, we are a stable business partner for our Customers – we are supported by an always secure capital and, more importantly, a 100% Polish capital, endorsed by the surname Szynaka with an over 50-year tradition of furniture production.

Modern machinery stock

Specialised and advanced machinery stock ensures the highest quality and the possibilities of development of the kitchen production volume

Management systems certificates

Management systems confirmed by certificates, concerning: quality ISO 9001, environment ISO 14001 and occupational safety OHSAS 18001

High quality materials

Relying on materials of the highest quality and designs in line with the latest trends of known and innovative European and world brands

An exclusive boss top hinge
  • The opening angle of 110 degrees enables an easy access to the cabinet
  • An integrated bracket in the boss of the concealed hinge
  • Possibility of disabling the bracket if the braking power is too high
  • Caps on the boss – no screws can be seen
  • Full boss – no wood chips can be seen
  • Caps with a die cut WFM logo on the arm covers the screws and enhances the prestige
  • The boss fastening with expando pins enhances the junction durability
  • Easiness of door assembly and disassembly without using tools
  • Durability – lifetime warranty from the hinge producer
  • High quality laminated chipboard of known European brands
  • The best physical and chemical properties of the board positively affect the junction quality
  • The cabinet interior has the same colour as its exterior
  • High tear resistance of the applied laminate
  • The cabinets are delivered as assembled, and this confirms the high quality of the furniture
  • The board meets the requirements of EN 14322. This norm specifies the requirements concerning the surface quality and dimensional tolerances for laminated boards in relation to indoor use
  • Test certificates for cabinets of Instytut Technologii Drewna (the Institute of Wood Technology) concerning durability and hygiene

Impressive width and depth of assortment:

  • 821 types of cabinets
  • 29 series (front panel designs)
  • 80 front panel colours
  • 11 body colours
  • 34 countertop colours in 4 thickness types
  • 50 types of handles, including some in several types of length and spacing
Unique hangers

Hangers of wall cabinets are unique even for high quality furniture:

  • Hidden behind the rear panel, the hangers allow for the adjustment of the level of wall cabinets, and at the same time ensure the aesthetic features of the cabinet interior – only two caps on the rear panel can be seen inside the cabinet
  • Strength of a hanger amounts to 75 kg
Shelf supports

Solutions for the best:

  • Hidden inside the shelf, so the cabinet interior aesthetics is enhanced
  • A plastic cap of a colour similar to the colour of the laminate on the bottom of the shelf
  • The shelf cannot accidentally fall out during the use or transport
  • Additional holes on the side of the cabinet are covered with a plastic cap of the same colour as the body, but the adjustment of the shelf height is also possible
Flap lifts
  • Perfect motion of the upper fronts panels
  • Even very large and heavy front panels are opened as if gravity did not exist, and they can be stopped at any position
  • Due to the integrated brackets, they are closed smoothly and silently
  • They enhance the aesthetics of the cabinets
  • There is a selection of four opening patterns: stay lift front panels, bi-fold front panels, lift up front panels and up-and-over lift front panels – all these patterns cause that the front panel moves outside the working area after opening, so safety is also enhanced – it is difficult to hit an opened front panel
  • Lifetime warranty from the lift producer
  • Possibility of mounting an electrical opening support system for upper cabinet front panels
Tandembox© drawers (blum)
  • Roller profiles enable perfect movement and self-closing
  • Full extension enables clear visibility of the drawer content
  • An integrated bracket enables silent closing
  • The runner hidden at the side of the drawer enhances aesthetic features
  • A selection between white, grey and  black coloured drawer sides
  • Unique design of the drawer side profile, unavailable with other producers
  • A cap with a WFM logo on the side of the drawer enhances the prestige and guarantees the quality
  • Profile durability of 30 kg and 50 kg enables the full usage of the usable area
  • Lifetime warranty from the drawers producer is a proof unquestionable quality
  • Electrical drawer opening system – the drawer is opened by effortless pushing – it makes work easy, especially with dirty hands
  • The drawer interior organisation system guarantees keeping proper neatness inside the drawer and immediate finding of the desired product
  • In deep drawers  sides are glass
Lacquered MDF board front panels
  • Lacquers provided by a stable producer with a 100-years experience
  • Colour consistency in subsequent batches
  • The applied UV filter inhibits the influence of sunlight on the colour
  • The lacquer meets the applicable European standards concerning the influence of mechanical and chemicals factors occurring within any kitchen
  • Degree of lacquer gloss > 85 +/- 5 (max. 100)
  • Cooperation with the best producers of laminate ensures access to the latest design trends
  • Own production according to individual orders enables the design of any shape and size
  • Durable ABS edge in the colour of the laminate protects the countertop against mechanical damages
  • The edge made of timber allows to relate its colour with the front panel
  • Countertop thickness of 12, 38, 60 or 77 mm extends the range of design possibilities
  • Surface finished with high-pressured laminate (HPL) which is a type of more resistant plastic to be used on kitchen countertops.
  • HPL is resistant to common kitchen chemicals included in food and cleaning products and short-term influences of temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • The HPL thickness of 0.7 or 0.8 mm (competitive laminate countertops often have a thickness of 0.5-0.6, and even low-pressure CPL laminates of the thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm are often applied)
  • The laminates meet the highest durability standard regulated by PL/EN 438.
  • Approvals (including those of Państwowy Zakład Higieny/the National Institute of Hygiene) which allow the laminates to have contact with food
  • The high quality chipboard of a relatively high density – which increases the resistance to moisture.
  • We greatly emphasise the fact that the design of the kitchen should make kitchen work as easy as possible for the user.
  • We apply any studies on ergonomics and technology of kitchen work and pass on this knowledge to designers cooperating with us on a current basis.
  • We use a number of fittings and technical solutions, extending the functionality of the kitchen and enhancing the ergonomics of work
Film covered MDF board front panels
  • The high quality MDF boards are the basis which influences the quality (smoothness) of the front surfaces, especially important in the case of gloss front panels
  • The inner side of the front panel can have the same colour as the body, and this greatly enhances the aesthetic features of the cabinet interior, while most of the competitors offer a white inner side
  • The board meets the most strict requirements in relation to formaldehyde emissions
  • The gloss film of the most exclusive brand in this section
  • The film can resist temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius (the standard is 65 degrees)
  • Degree of gloss film > 80 +/- 8 (max. 100)
  • Gloss film thickness of 0.5 mm
Design and kitchen visualisation software

Due to our annual investments in the WFM product base into the design software, the designers are able to present realistic projects to the Customers. This simplifies the process of imagining the future kitchen and making an informed decision.

  • Design in line with European trends
  • We endeavour to be the precursor in the field of implementation of new designs and colours of the kitchen in our country
  • This is possible because we follow the market trends and we are supported by well-known producers of materials influencing the design of the kitchen
  • We introduce innovative colour and design proposals that have not been used so far, so we can stand out from the competition in a better way
  • Each new design collection is consulted with the designers – by such means we adjust to the market
Packing of furniture and own transport

The packing of furniture and own transport guarantee almost 100% of shipping damage avoidance.

Five-year warranty

The five-year warranty provided by a stable company such as WFM allows Customers to satisfy any claims arising from latent defects. After this period, our factory service centre also performs post-warranty repairs – the Customers do not have to be afraid that they will be left without any help during the life of the kitchen.

Certified designers

Certified designers in stores across the country provide Customer with service at the highest level. The Customers can be sure that they will feel good in such a professionally designed kitchen for the next several years of its life, and work in this kitchen will be seen as joy and not a trial.

Assembly teams

The assembly teams at the stores guarantee professional furniture assembly

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