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Functionality is our priority.
We greatly emphasise the fact that the design of the kitchen should make kitchen work pleasant.

We use the latest European and international studies on ergonomics and technology of kitchen work and pass on this knowledge to designers cooperating with us on a current basis. We apply a number of fittings and technical solutions, extending the functionality of the kitchen and enhancing the ergonomics of work.


The hinge allows for opening the door by 110 degrees, and this ensures an easy access to the content of the cabinet, and has a built-in soft closing system.

Flap lifts

The flap lifts in the wall cabinets allow for lifting even large front panels, as if gravity did not exist. The front panel moves outside the working area after opening, so the risk of hitting one's head is avoided. The front panels are closed smoothly and quietly.

Hidden support

A support hidden inside the shelf protects it from uncontrolled sliding out.

Lower cabinets on legs

Lower cabinet legs with the option of adjusting height allow for the adjustment of countertop height to the user's height and the compensation for uneven floors.

Quiet closing

Bumpers mounted on the front panels enhance the effect of quiet closing of doors and drawers.

Full extension drawers

The application of full extension drawers in the lower cabinets for an easy access to items stored in them.

Drawer – inserts and divisions

The internal inserts and divisions of drawers allow for keeping the content in proper order.

Electrical opening support

The electrical opening support system for drawers enables an access to, e.g. the waste sorter without using hands.

Electrical opening

The electrical opening system for upper cabinet front panels makes working in the kitchen easier.

Drawer under the sink

The drawer under the sink using the area around the drain is the perfect place for detergents.

Pantry cabinet

A high cabinet with high drawers is the perfect pantry, where the access to each food item is easy.

Cargo cabinet

A high cargo cabinet, where baskets are extended and are placed on the door, is another solution for the pantry.

High broom cabinet

A high broom cabinet is a practical storage for cleaners.

Internal drawers

Internal drawers in a cabinet with hinged doors provide a much better access to items stored in them than shelves.

Extended corner shelves

Fully extended corner shelves enable the use of the corner area with an easy access to the items stored in the deepest part of the cabinet.

Drawer in a drawer

A drawer in a drawer provides an area for storing cutlery, and maintaining a large surface of front panels, undistorted by divisions.

Plinth drawer under the oven

A plinth drawer under the oven is the perfect storage compartment for pots, plates and baking tins.

A practical corner

A practical use of the corner – the entire drawer extends outside.

Corner cabinet

Another practical corner – the shelf rotates and then fully extends from the cabinet.

Corner drawer

The corner drawer – an optimal functional solution.

Tambour cabinet

A tambour cabinet on the countertop with electrical sockets and lighting is a perfect place for a toaster and a coffee maker.

Plate holder

A practical plate holder with a diameter matching the size of plates – plates can be easily taken from the drawer and carried on the table.

LED lighting of the worktop

LED lighting of the work area on the countertop guarantees ergonomics of work, it can be placed in the lower part of the wall cabinet.

Practical waste sorter

A practical sorting of waste – a conjoint flap is also a shelf for cleaners, and the mat on the bottom of the drawer with special spikes keeps the bins in a stable position during the movement of the drawer.

Cabinet for cloths and detergents

Everything must have its place in the kitchen, even a dishwashing detergent and a kitchen cloth.
The good brand takes care of everything.

Spacious wine storage

Wine to a dinner always at hand.
The cabinet only takes 15 cm of space.

Spacious pantry

Food supplies for the whole family gathered in just one, spacious cabinet.
No need for everyday shopping.

Beverage storage

15 cm large cabinet for beverages.
Spacious and space-saving at the same time.

Bi-fold cabinet

The most ergonomic solution in wall cabinets.

Extended shelves

Optimal for cups and saucers under the coffee machine.

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