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Our design is modern and elegant.
We are the precursor in our country in the field of implementation of new designs and colours.

We follow with passion the market trends and cooperate with well-known producers of raw materials which influence the exclusive design of our kitchens. We make innovative colour and design proposals which have not been used so far, so we can stand out from the competition in a better way. Each new design collection is consulted with certified designers. Such actions guarantee that we meet the needs of real kitchen users and we are able to adjust to the market needs. As a result, we have gained the market-leading position.

Open kitchen

The open kitchen should harmonise with the adjacent part of the apartment in terms of colour, material and style. And how to do it in a better way than with the furniture of the same system.

In the modern interior concept, it is difficult to set a clear dividing line between the kitchen and the living room. The furnishing of these rooms is related “seamlessly” which means that the kitchen cabinets can also be used for furnishing the living room adjacent to the kitchen.

Classics in luxury

A pearl of irregular shape and a multitude of ornaments – the Baroque kitchen.

Unique natural stone

A natural pattern of a metamorphic rock with a unique design, texture and colour variation, innovatively used on the front panels.

Bardolino grey oak

Contemporary design needs natural accents. The trend towards natural designs occupies an important position within the interior decoration. As a result, the interest in wood decors is enhanced again. In particular, decors that look authentically are popular – even if the material is imprinted, it should look as if it was taken directly from nature.

Natural brown oak

Natural brown oak is an example of the fascination with nature with all its authenticity. The most natural elements, such as distinct pores, cracks and grains are used deliberately to achieve a remarkable contrast effect with the smooth furniture design. Unique impression is made by the raw character of the design. The decor seems unfinished, rough, rugged. There can be seen a visual representation of saw cut marks which gives the effect of depth and authenticity, as well as imitating the structure of the wood pores, both on the surface and at the edge of the laminate. This decor looks wondrous, combined contrastively with strong colours of modern elements, as well as with the most natural designs, such as greyness and crudity of stones.


In uncertain times, people seek safety in values well-known to them. On such ground, a new trend emerged – authenticism.

It is characterised by naturalness, individuality and temper. Thus, there are clear patterns of timber with distinctively marked flowers, treatment marks and rays.

Cappuccino nagano oak

Expressive pattern of nagano oak in the colour of cappuccino.

Sand ash

An example of an almost perfect imitation of the natural decor is ash sand which has a very natural wood pattern and fits very well in the field of European,​clear, wood structures. Its pattern is distinguishable among typical wood elements – expressive pores and highlighted grains. The authenticity is underlined by a deep structure which imitates wood pores both on the surface and the edges of the laminate, due to which the best specialists in the industry have a difficulty in distinguishing it from natural veneer. The decor can be combined with a wide range of expressive colour accents, but also natural colours harmonise perfectly with the new ash.

Tabacco oak

The answer to the massive demand for warm, brown, wood-like colours, but after the era of wenge.


The continuation of the pattern of distinct tineo (Indian apple tree) veneer on adjacent front panels is a proof of masterful craft.

Fashionable oak veneer

A fashionable deep structure of front panels made in a luxury style on the oak veneer of a new generation.

American walnut

The expressiveness and multitude of the American walnut design continued on the adjacent front panels and uninterrupted by means of a handleless system.

Timeless classic white

Timeless classic white

Unique handle designs

Possibility of distinguishing the kitchen by handles.

Handleless systems

A smooth, clean and uninterrupted surface of the front panels is achieved by such means.

12 mm countertops

Thickness according to the latest design trends.

Panels surrounding group of cabinets

Surrounding panels are used to surround a group of cabinets, so that they form a visually compact body, and to hide the sides of the bodies.

The latest design trends

Cooperation with the best producers of laminate ensures access to the latest design trends. Applied modern structures allow for a perfect imitation of mineral resources.

Design enters into cabinets

Exclusive drawers finished with stainless steel.

Shades of grey

Shades of grey are the theme not only in the cold modern kitchens, but they are also used for the design of modern classics.

An apparent trend shows that shades of grey are the theme not only in the cold modern kitchens, but they are also used for the design of modern classics. In the world of traditional frame-and-panel fronts, upon the end of the epoch of warm, dark and heavy browns (such as wenge, walnut, cherry, tabacco) and parallel to the timeless white, the time has come for the frames in uni colours, including greys, which – when animated with warm and expressive wood decors – give the spectacular effect of innovative kitchen.

Intermingling of styles

Characteristic of European design of the decade.

Natural connection with the living room

Low cabinet with a drawer on the left side of the composition allows for a moment of rest during the daily chores, at the same time naturally combining the kitchen with the living room.

The perfect balance and harmony – countertops

The modern cool shades of fronts are balanced with countertops featuring a distinctive wood pattern and warm colours.

The new face of oak

The oak, steadily holding its dominant position on the kitchen furniture market, is changing from the very expressive, rich and patterned into a more conservative, quiet, not so impudent, rather bright character, just to make room for vivid uni colours.

Fashionable and energetic

Although no longer light and sunny yellow, it is still a very energetic shade that perfectly blends with various other colours appearing in our offer, for example with a black line stone veneer, breathing new life and a touch of lightness into it.

Nostalgia and modernity

Openness to extravagant solutions that combine the timeless quality with the urban modernity. The old values are being rediscovered, the desire for security returns. On the other hand, the trend is affected by the universal freedom and openness to new ideas. The atmosphere at home is emphasized by masculine colours and solid wood forms, accentuated with metal elements made of copper or steel.

INTIVO drawer system

With the company's one-of-a-kind design with glass in the side of high drawer. Now the customer can choose between white, black or grey drawers, and the choice of colour does not affect the price. With this solution the furniture interior gains in appearance, and the drawer can be matched to the colour of the furniture.


Oiled wood countertops

Made of oak, walnut, beech and acacia, which can form a natural counterpoint to the one-colour lacquered, film covered or acrylic fronts.

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