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After the approval of all elements of the project – the selection of specific furniture and equipment – the time has come to install the dream kitchen in its place. It is one of the largest expenses in terms of an apartment and it is supposed to serve for many years, so before signing a contract of sale, it is worth to consider its terms and conditions as well as the responsibilities of the vendor towards us. The most important parameters and matters that should be included in the service are:

1. Delivery of furniture to the Customer's house.
2. Unpacking of purchased furniture and equipment.
3. Setting the lower cabinets, hanging the wall cabinets.
4. Levelling and screwing cabinets, installation of all components (drawers, baskets, etc.).
5. Installation of countertops, wall panels.
6. Making slots on the countertops enabling their installation (if there is a need to fit the panels to shapes and projections of walls or installations).
7. Cutting holes for the cooking plate, sink, tap and their proper mounting.
8. Installation of equipment fitted in the furniture, such as the refrigerator, oven, cooking plate, dishwasher, absorber, only if the equipment is covered by a contract.
9. Cutting holes in the rear walls of cabinets, allowing for the access to water, sewer and electrical connection, as required by the Customer.
10. Connecting electrical equipment with fabric plug conjoins to the finished installation (dishwasher, fridge-freezer, absorber) and connecting the hydraulic and gas equipment to ready-to-connect installations, only if the equipment is covered by a contract. It should be remembered that the connection of gas appliances shall not remove the obligation to accept the connection by a person with sufficient authorisation.
11. Installation and connecting of appliances purchased outside the store is possible for an additional fee.
12. Installation of lighting, wall profiles, plinth profiles, covering profiles, rails and other accessories that constitute the cabinet equipment or fitting completion.
13. Fitting adjustments.
14. Checking of installation.
15. Cleaning after installation. The decision concerning the furniture and equipment packaging disposal remains the responsibility of the Customer, as the disposal of such materials is not covered in the scope of installation services.
16. The installation acceptance (then it is necessary to patiently and carefully inspect the work of the installation team) is completed with the signing of the “Acceptance Protocol”, and this is tantamount to accepting the quality of the performed service.
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