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Energy Efficiency:

Over the last 15 years, energy consumption of cooling equipment of the high energy efficiency class has decreased to 74%, in the case of dishwashers, it has decreased to 47%, and in the case of ovens – to 37%. At the same time, water consumption of dishwashers has decreased to 58%, and that of the washing machines – to 46%.

Modern, energy-efficient equipment saves electric energy, water and money.


Its size depends on the family size, shopping frequency, type of preferred products. An important issue is also the cooking frequency – whether greater quantities of food are cooked for a few days or perhaps lesser, but cooked every day.

It is essential to preserve the freshness of the food products. For this purpose, the electrical industry has created a special technology which nowadays belongs to the food supply standards. Refrigerators with the Stay Fresh Zones constitute an optimal solution for food products, providing appropriate temperature and humidity as well as allowing three times longer storage while preserving vitamins and freshness of the products. This saves not only money, time and energy, but also reduces the “feeling of guilt” caused by wasting food, observed in as many as 70% of respondents.*

* Forsa – a study conducted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Cooker hood:

It should be wider than the hob. The minimum height of its attachment is 70 cm. Efficiency of the fan is determined individually by the parameters of the room. In this case, the following formula is applied:

  • Kitchen area x kitchen height x 6 = minimum efficiency of the moisture absorber in m3/h.
  • Kitchen area x kitchen height x 12 = maximum efficiency of the moisture absorber in m3/h.

An example:

Kitchen area = 12 m2
Kitchen height = 2.4 m

  • 12 m2 x 2.4 m x 6/h = 173 m3/h (minimum efficiency)
  • 12 m2 x 2.4 m x 12/h = 346 m3/h (maximum efficiency)

Hob and oven:

First of all, the household members' preferences in terms of cooking need to be considered, i.e. what will the oven be mostly used for – baking cakes and meats, preparing grilled food or reheating.

The type and size of the hob depends on the type, size and nature of the prepared dishes – whether they are mainly one-pot meals or perhaps the cooking process requires more pots and space.

The best solution is to place the oven at eye level. This not only allows for easy access to it, but mainly helps to protect the spine and increases safety in the kitchen.


The dishwasher not only enables a cost-effective approach to the subject of kitchen work, but, above all, it saves time. It is estimated that having a dishwasher saves time at a minimum of 40 minutes per day or 10 days per year.

There should be 1 m of space in front of the dishwasher.


The sink is a multi-functional preparation centre, where not only dishes are washed, but most of the kitchen work is performed (cleaning and peeling vegetables, chopping and slicing, etc.). All these activities require a lot of concentration and are associated with staying longer in a bent position, if the worktop is not high enough. Ergonomics Specialists of the Darmstadt University of Technology, in their current ergonomic research, indicate that static bent positions resulting from it are particularly harmful to the spinal discs.

Ergonomists recommend a standard value of approx. 10 cm below elbow height as the sink height perfectly matched with the body height. When arranging the kitchen and planning the washing area, special attention must be paid to which person most often works at the sink. In the case of a joint working height for many users, the tolerable deviation from the standard is from 10 cm upwards and 5 cm downwards.

The size of the sink depends on the frequency of its use, however, it is better to buy a larger one and use it freely, than to bother with a too small sink.

Currently, the most common width of the sink is 60 cm. A dish drainer, two sink bowls, flow regulation, sink strainer, fittings with a retractable hose for rinsing are other elements which are becoming a standard.


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