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Tips – Kitchen design

Determine the style and color


  • Retro kitchens - rustic Provencal, English - these interiors are cozy, romantic, like trinkets. Dominated by the wood, carved moldings, stained glass windows, stylish accessories and the equipment is built and invisible.


  • Modern kitchens - simplicity and elegance. Here connect simple forms and different materials. Virtually limitless possibilities gives you the possibility of using wood, paint, laminate, foil or metal. Cuisines are characterized by high functionality and efficiency in the Appendices. Add character outfits perfectly integrated into the decor.


  • Kitchens high - tech - commonly called ''lab kitchen''. Dominated by cool colors, and the most commonly used material is metal and glass. Highly automated, leading-edge equipment are shown.



Color choice should be determined, inter alia, location of the window relative to the world. 

The most optimal location is the eastern side of the windowThe morning sun will create a stimulating atmosphereto life, but does not manage to heat up the kitchen, which makes even in the heat of summer will feel uncomfortablenot work. 

Northern part - due to the small amount of light to choose in this case, the colors bright and warmalso favored thesmall window or in the case of a small roomThis will allow the optical magnification

West side, as the low sun shining warm the entire room is rather not recommended.

In parallel with the choice of style and color to plan finish the walls. These areas are particularly vulnerable to dirt.Selection can be made from: 

  •      Panels of glass (plain or with graphics)
  •      ceramic tiles
  •      Wall panels with the finished plate as well as top
  •      Special paint for kitchens and bathrooms
  •      Tiles made of metal or plastics



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