How to order kitchen furniture

How to order kitchen furniture


First of all, in order to discuss your ideas and expectations, you should go to a professional kitchen furniture studio, where you can count on expert advice and assistance of specialists.

What can you expect and what to prepare for:

1. Professional advice

Professional advice received in the kitchen furniture showroom will allow you to accurately plan the space designed for the kitchen and also to avoid common mistakes.

The designer should have the knowledge in many areas:

  • principles of designing functional and ergonomic kitchen,
  • sense of aesthetics and knowledge of design trends,
  • interpersonal skills and the ability to listen to the customer's needs,
  • ability to visualize a design,
  • knowledge of the range of the manufacturer's kitchen furniture products.

2. Accurate measurement of the room

Measurement in the customer's home is necessary to prepare a professional design. It enables the functional use of every inch of space and secures the lack of poorly fitted cabinets or incorrectly made countertop.

3. Kitchen design

There is no good kitchen without a proper design. Already at the stage of its design, the intended effect and priorities should be thoroughly considered. After all, the kitchen can be cosy, traditional or sterile and modern. The design selection is in your hands!


  • The first and most important issue in the design of the kitchen is to assess your needs. For example – do you cook for yourself only, or for the family and friends as well? Such matters need to be taken into account from the very beginning, so that the design encompasses everything that will make the kitchen satisfactory to you.
  • The second thing is undoubtedly the kitchen ergonomics. A well-designed kitchen is the place where one spends a lot of time, but it is essential that this time is not wasted. A well-designed kitchen is one in which you can spend hours experimenting with new culinary delicacies, as well as prepare something quickly and efficiently. It is important not to waste time and energy on unnecessary activities. When designing a kitchen, its layout and individual parts should therefore be planned so as to eliminate the need for unnecessary movements in the form of constant wandering between the two ends of the kitchen. After all, cooking is supposed to be a pleasure!
  • When designing a kitchen, you should also consider the necessary household appliances and their arrangement. What type of dishwasher to choose? Do you need a coffee machine? Where to put the fridge? The design must be made with regard to whether the appliances are to be built-in or freestanding. It is also important to take into account the appearance and aesthetic value of the equipment, so that the whole kitchen forms a coherent picture.
  • Do not forget about the colours in the kitchen! The chosen floor or wall shade will influence the style and the mood in the kitchen. Kitchen designed in a modern style is a combination of classic, often cool colours, which give a sense of sterility. Traditional kitchen design assumes warm, friendly colours that create a cosy and warm atmosphere. You should consider in which room you would feel better, so that the kitchen could be your favourite place in the whole house!
  • Finally – the lighting. This matter is not always given as much thought as it deserves while designing the kitchen, although it largely affects the eventual comfort felt in the room. While designing a kitchen you need to think not only about lighting the entire room, but also its individual parts. Adequate countertop lighting will result in more effective food preparation, whereas lamps over the stove will facilitate frying or cooking. It is best to choose natural, pleasant light. After all, a well-designed kitchen cannot be dark!

4. Photorealistic visualisation

Thanks to the visualisation the customers can know exactly what their dream kitchen will look like. There is no room for unpleasant surprises. Professional computer software depicts every detail with very high accuracy, so that the customer can be sure about the appearance of the built-in spaces. Apart from the furniture elements it is possible to select the perfect lighting and accessories, as well as the colour of the walls and floors. All this allows you to perfectly arrange the whole room, so that the end result will not be a surprise.

5. Contract for the kitchen design
Upon determining all the details, the designer concludes a contract with the client. It should specify all the arrangements that were made during conversations and meetings. It is advised to mind the responsibilities of the seller towards you, which are: submitting the design specifications and code of practice for the use of furniture, delivery of kitchen furniture to your home, unpacking of the purchased furniture and appliances, installation of furniture and appliances, cleaning after installation.

6. Delivery of purchased kitchen furniture
All components should be delivered by safe means of transport. Modern furniture packaging system of the company guarantees 100% product protection against shock and vibration during transport.

7. Installation of the kitchen at the customer's house

All installation works should include:

  • Unpacking of purchased furniture and equipment.
  • Setting the lower cabinets, hanging the wall cabinets.
  • Levelling and screwing cabinets, installation of all components (drawers, baskets, etc.).
  • Installation of countertops, wall panels.
  • Making slots on the countertops enabling their installation (if there is a need to fit the panels to shapes and projections of walls or installations).
  • Cutting holes for the cooking plate, sink, tap and their proper mounting.
  • Installation of equipment fitted in the furniture, such as the refrigerator, oven, cooking plate, dishwasher, absorber, only if the equipment is covered by a contract.
  • Cutting holes in the rear walls of cabinets, allowing for the access to water, sewer and electrical connection, as required by the customer.
  • Connecting electrical equipment with factory-made plug connectors to the finished installation (dishwasher, fridge-freezer, absorber), as well as connecting the hydraulic and gas equipment to the ready-to-connect installations, only if the equipment is covered by a contract. It should be remembered that the connection of gas appliances does not remove the obligation of acceptance of the connection by a person with sufficient authorisation.
  • Installation and connecting of appliances purchased outside the store is possible for an additional fee.
  • Installation of lighting, wall profiles, plinth profiles, covering profiles, railings and other accessories that constitute the cabinet equipment or fitting completion.
  • Fitting adjustments.
  • Checking of installation.
  • Cleaning after installation. The decision concerning the furniture and equipment packaging disposal remains the responsibility of the customer, as the disposal of such materials is not covered by the scope of installation services.
  • The installation acceptance (the time when it is necessary to patiently and carefully inspect the work of the installation team) is completed with the signing of the “Acceptance Protocol”, which is tantamount to accepting the quality of the performed service.

8. After-sales service provided by the studio

In addition to offering the highest quality products, it is just as important to provide after-sales service. It should provide the customer with full support in case of problems or queries. This particularly concerns the adjustment of fittings – hinges, drawers, aprons, as well as starting up the appliances.

9. Warranty service of the kitchen furniture manufacturer

The warranty service provided by a reliable company allows the customer to satisfy possible claims arising from latent defects. After the warranty period, our factory service centre should also perform post-warranty repairs, so as the customers do not have to be afraid that they will be left without any help for the further use of the kitchen.

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